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“And she’d been stuck here, facing down the attack from March,

“And she’d been stuck here, facing down the attack from March,

Edit: thinking about this more it sounds like the main thing you don’t like about the cerium is the narrow temperature range (too warm and you sweat). To fix that I would go with something breathable (down in the cerium is not breathable). Normally I would say proton LT for that temp range, but since you run cold it sounds like the Proton AR would be perfect if you like the trim/tailored fit..

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canadian goose jacket That good to know. I usually send an ETA right before I put the car in drive on my way to the customer. It is very accurate (thanks to the GPS app of course). Twelve are dead. Four of those are our fault.”And she’d been stuck here, facing down the attack from March, and she hadn’t done enough good here. It was more frustrating that the higher ups and paper pushers would blame her, because a power like March’s didn’t translate to paperwork.It meant expressing that Defiant and Dragon could have three ships in the air, and a squadron of parahumans and soldiers could be in just the right spot at just the right time to make them dangerously able to flank if the ships tried to fly past. canadian goose jacket

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