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Britain has ultra orthodoxy in more flavours than Muslim

Britain has ultra orthodoxy in more flavours than Muslim

When she came up with her first designs for the Baguette, however, the in house reaction was muted. Small and simple, it was practical in that it could be tucked under the arm hence it was named after the French loaf, carried the same way but compared to that Prada backpack, it seemed a frippery. Yet its creator was confident.

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canada goose factory sale You have Hassids in London if I’m not mistaken, and they run their community extremely similarly to how ultra orthodox Muslims do. Britain has ultra orthodoxy in more flavours than Muslim (although most of your hristian/catholic orthodox populations ran off to the states so now the yanks are stuck with them) You just don’t hear about it as much because they’ve managed to establish their own private schools, private communities, etc. The reason you hear about it less is because they are even MORE segregated. canada goose factory sale

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