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But is that straight to the point or straight not wanting to

But is that straight to the point or straight not wanting to

I wouldn say that black men are inherently more violent than white men. I would say that in the aggregate, black men in the US are likely marginally more prone to be violent than white men in the US, based on testosterone levels.I would say that this is not racist, in the same way that saying the scientifically incontrovertible fact that in the aggregate, men are more prone to be violent than women, based on testosterone levels, is not sexist.This doesn mean that the biological difference is responsible for ALL of the discrepancy you see in violent crime rates, or even most of the discrepancy, but it indisputable that it responsible for SOME of the discrepancy.It also does not rule out the possibility that if socio economic and societal factors were different, black men in the aggregate could become LESS violent than white men DESPITE the higher marginal propensity to violence due to testosterone levels. I wouldn say that black men are inherently more violent than white men.

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