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If one is getting lower price for 187

If one is getting lower price for 187

There is zero documentation of legal proceedings against McCain or a pardon for him.How is it possible that such wouldn have come up during the 2008 primaries?TapTheForwardAssist 0 points submitted 2 days agoHe into his third year in office and has said practically nothing on the topic since getting elected, and gave a lukewarm endorsement of a bipartisan bill.He hasn explicitly done anything to worsen the situation (though didn publicly prevent Sessions from doing so), but I think that putting any hopes on his being the solution are foolhardy.That said I be quite curious to see what he says about marijuana during the 2020 elections. Some folks here think he legalize before the election, some think he campaign on promises to legalize after. But I honestly wouldn be surprised if he largely avoids the issue.TapTheForwardAssist 12 points submitted 2 days agoDixon is famous for ending a battle at Adobe Walls trading post, which was under attack by a coalition of Plains Indian tribes, by shooting an attacker nearly a mile away.Dixon borrowed the most powerful buffalo rifle in the camp and shot at a group of attackers on a nearby bluff, killing one and causing the rest to withdraw.

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