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It is very well sealed, not just a plastic cover over some

It is very well sealed, not just a plastic cover over some

There other stuff but I think it paints a fairly clear picture by now. This is about as close as Fire Emblem gets to overt romance pre Fates, as if you compare other paired endings of other characters with their support convos and other evidence there just isn nearly as much to imply a relationship between them as what we find here. If you made Lucius a woman it be the third most overt support romance in the game, following only Eliwood/Ninian and Kent/Lyn, both of which involve a third party explicitly using the word “love” to describe the feelings between the two..

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uk canada goose Also of note is that I added the Subaru (dealer or port installed) underseat sub with built in amp. It is very well sealed, not just a plastic cover over some whitebox amp and sub enclosure as OP pic appears to show. Also, my car and most I seen have a ridge where the seat bolts in, that separates the footwell from the underseat area, so you have to fucking flood the footwell with over a gallon of liquid to spill in. uk canada goose

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