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Perhaps my expectations were too high; I hope to see it again

Perhaps my expectations were too high; I hope to see it again

I a believer that bad cards (See: Rumble Shrines) stay bad, but we see. The Death Knights could be suffocating at times (although I really only think Jaina, Rexxar, and Anduin with Raza are inherently problematic, although Dr. Jewelcrafting was the new tradeskill, so I decided why not, nobody established in that, I won be starting at a disadvantage.

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buy canada goose jacket I also felt the social commentary here was heavy handed in its delivery; I recall other films like The Hate U Give and Detroit with similar messages that induced such tension and disgust by depicting the racial discrimination characters experienced from police. In all, I enjoyed the film, but left the theater disappointed. Perhaps my expectations were too high; I hope to see it again in the coming weeks.. buy canada goose jacket

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