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The professor couldn be the final decider because

The professor couldn be the final decider because

I mean really, it just a game, and shit has to go perfectly right in order for teams to win it all, especially with the refs this season. I rather see Dak do well, not just on the stat sheet, but making everyone around him better and carrying his team, and lose, than to continue to watch us win games “inspite of Dak” as some experts really like to think. I hate that..

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Canada Goose Outlet Our fault for being “unfair” with criticisms. Our fault for not understanding his “vision”. He has delivered a shit product and refuses to take responsibility. However, if you have an exam (and not just a small in class quiz) any absences have to be accepted by admin. The professor couldn be the final decider because, if they are, you run the risk that a student who is liked could get away with things that other students don and then you have a lot of people contesting unfair treatment based of that. Admin have policies in place that they must follow no matter what so that everyone is treated fairly.. Canada Goose Outlet

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