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There is no option for dislike of a post other than replying

There is no option for dislike of a post other than replying

When he has scientists or whatever political bloggers on it goes from bad to worse.I don know what episode they at now, like episode 7 thousand and some change, but early JRE was absolutely hilarious. It was him and Redban streaming on fucking Ustream and recording out of what looked like an empty walk in closet. He have people like Mayhem Miller and the Ancient Aliens guys on and Joey Diaz would be tripping on shrooms, they were sponsored by Fleshlight, it was great.

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Hermes Replica Bags We are human.But there also many times where the only person to post the highlight was a twitter version and no other submission occurs. We not going to remove a twitter post in that regard. Saying that you try to prevent it is great, but it doesn really do much to change that the front page of the subreddit consistently has a bunch of twitter video links, and you not willing to take hermes replica birkin bag steps that might actually motivate people to put in the work to provide a quality post instead.Why would anyone go to the effort of making a streamable when it might take them more than “2 5” minutes to do it and they know that you leave up the lazy twitter link instead of the thing they put effort into anyway?(And none of this changes the fact that the post I responded to directly justified leaving the twitter links as “well there quality content in the comments so that good enough.”)I just did an audit log going back to the 4/5 reddit UTC date (which doesn align to NA time).10 posts from twitter were highlights BUT 2 were removed as duplicates Hermes Replica Bags.