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Luckily (or not?) my fianc is really good with music stuff

Luckily (or not?) my fianc is really good with music stuff

I not discounting your experiences, nor how meaningful they have been to you or other you know. But statements along the lines of consciousness(whatever the heck that is) persisting after death go beyond the realm of scientific reasoning. DMT works by changing the chemistry in your brain.

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canada goose clearance 3 points submitted 3 days agoIt did come off as mansplaining, didn’t it?? I couldn’t quite put my finger on what annoyed me about their posts, but that’s definitely it.I actually posted my last reply on lunch, then went back and polled my store (licensed, so plenty of people to ask for variety of opinion). They all reinforced my faith in humanity by agreeing that it’s rude to hold up a line, and they all go back around the drive thru, so we’re not pants on head crazy. 13 points submitted 18 days agothe only time customers should be sorry is if they wrongly rude to a barista or anyone else in service jobs canada goose clearance.